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Wrongful Death

Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim Lawyer

At the personal injury law firm of Charles E. Moore, Kentucky Injury Attorney, we understand that a wrongful death claim isn't just about fighting for money. Losing a loved one in an accident is catastrophic and can mean a lifetime of financial burden, but we know that it also means much more. A wrongful death claim is really about fighting to recover a sense of justice for a profound loss that can never be replaced. Fair and full financial compensation for negligently caused deaths is essential to secure justice, to reconstruct a family’s financial well-being, and to rebuild faith that people’s lives are valuable.

Free consultation about your wrongful death case

No attorneys' fees unless you recover money for your wrongful death claim

If you have lost a family member in a fatal accident caused by somebody's negligence, misconduct, or criminal act, we offer the aggressive representation you can count on to seek a sense of justice. Our firm has the experience to know that we can't promise to help you make sense of your loss. Nothing makes sense in a wrongful death case. But we will promise to work hard to build a relationship with you and your family that is based on trust that the legal system will work for you. Our office professionals will be responsive to your questions, concerns, and worries. We will be compassionate and understanding about how we present evidence and material to you that may be needed for decisions. Perhaps most importantly, we will use every part of attorney Charlie Moore's 40 years of trial experience to help you fight for a resolution that will restore some sense of justice for your family.

Attorney referrals

If you are an attorney looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer for your client, please call us at 270-683-4513 or 800-467-3407 to discuss a referral arrangement.

Our full range of professional and technical resources becomes your case's best asset, as we prepare the strongest case possible for a fair settlement or jury award in court. You can rely on our experience with confidence and you can trust that our representation will help you know that the right people are on your side.

Contact our office to schedule a no-cost consultation about how we can help you fight to protect your family's interests and needs following the loss of your loved one. We don't let the injustice stand.

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