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Serious Burns

Kentucky Serious Burn Injury Lawyer

Anybody who has suffered even a minor burn understands how painful serious burns are. There is good reason why juries have awarded many of the nation's largest personal injury awards to victims of serious burn injuries. Medical treatment and physical rehabilitation from chemical burns, thermal burns, and electrical burns doesn't stop when the pain goes away. Burn victims often endure years of treatment and medications, as well as the emotional scars that come from disfigurement.

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If a member of your family has suffered a serious burn injury resulting from a fire, an explosion, or exposure to a caustic chemical or gas, we are ready to help you fight to recover full and fair money damages you may be entitled to. At the personal injury litigation firm of Charles E. Moore, Kentucky Injury Attorney, in Owensboro, Kentucky, we have been helping serious burn injury victims fight for their rights and their futures for more than 40 years. Our success includes being part of important verdicts and settlements in courts throughout Kentucky.

Our firm is about integrity because integrity builds trust

At our firm we will start our legal relationship with you and your family by clearly explaining how the courts are likely to view your burn injury. Attorney Charlie Moore's goal is always to make sure that you and your family understand that you can trust us to be here for you until your case is completely resolved. That means that we will be responsive to your questions and concerns about how long things may be taking. We will also keep you fully informed about legal decisions and how our strategies and maneuvers may affect the outcome of your case. After all, you will need to be kept fully informed in order to make decisions about settlement offers. You can absolutely trust that we will use every available resource to help you seek the justice you are entitled to after suffering a serious burn injury.

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