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Products Liability Overview

Kentucky Product Liability Injury Lawyer

Injuries from dangerous and defective products are often made more serious because of the unexpected nature of the accident and the danger that can result from individual components or chemicals that are part of the entire product. High-visibility product liability cases that make the news are generally related to lead poisoning from dangerous toys or small parts that may break off and injure a young child. In truth, many product liability injuries happen to adults using consumer products around the home, or using industrial equipment on the job. Serious burns, chemical poisoning, brain injuries, loss of sight, paralysis, and death are often the result of the most serious product liability accidents.

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At the personal injury law firm of Charles E. Moore, Kentucky Injury Attorney, we know that manufacturers won't always pay attention to safety regulations when designing, producing, packaging or installing a product. The truth is that very few criminal laws are specific to product liability injuries, so it is up to the civil courts to ensure product safety. Lawsuits are the only way to keep some manufacturers honest.

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When you meet with us about your injury from a defective product, you will find that we take a different kind of approach to helping you fight for your rights. A successful attorney-client relationship depends on trust. At our firm, we try to be very honest with our clients about the challenges presented by your dangerous product injury. We will be up-front about realistic expectations, how long the case may take, and what will happen if the case ends up in a trial. We will use every resource to prepare a winning case, but, to be honest, we will expect you to be realistic about what constitutes a fair settlement. If we can't reach that agreement before you retain us, building a trusting relationship may be difficult. Throughout your product liability case, your attorney or a member of our professional staff will always keep you fully informed about legal motions, evidence, and the judge's decisions that will affect your case.

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