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Medical Malpractice

Kentucky Medical Malpractice Lawyer with Experience

Medical negligence such as medication errors, surgical mistakes, and failing to diagnose cancer in time often results in some of the most serious lifelong or life-threatening injuries. Recently, technology in emergency rooms, hospitals and clinics has seen a vast improvement. Despite the most advanced equipment, however, we continue to put our trust in the doctors, surgeons and healthcare providers who are trained to heal. When medical malpractice or negligence leads to a catastrophic injury or the death of a loved one, our trust is shattered and our sense of injustice can be overwhelming.

Free consultation about your medical malpractice case

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At the personal injury law firm of Charles E. Moore, Kentucky Injury Attorney, in Owensboro, Kentucky, we understand that healthcare providers are entrusted with a heavy burden and an awesome responsibility. Over the years, in fact, medical malpractice liability is becoming harder to prove because juries are being made to believe large jury awards are paid out in questionable and frivolous cases. The truth is that to win a medical malpractice case you will have to prove that the doctor's unacceptable mistake directly resulted in harm.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury because of a surgical error, a mistake made while a patient was giving birth, a medication error or other medical negligence, we want to talk to you. Contact our office in Owensboro, Kentucky, right away. We offer a free consultation about your personal injury case, during which we will give you an honest assessment of how the courts are likely to view your injuries and your doctor's liability.

Our Firm’s Approach to Medical Malpractice Cases

We are very careful on how we screen our cases. Before accepting a client’s case, we make sure they are valid.

If a potential client does not meet our criteria we do not pursue the case. If we turn down the case we encourage the client to seek a second opinion and we provide them the information we have obtained regarding their case.

We go through a three step process in deciding to file a lawsuit for our clients.

First we obtain and review all pertinent medical records to determine what happened to you and to identify where your medical treatment is suspect. Secondly, once we have isolated areas of concern we review medical literature that health care providers rely on to determine whether you were treated properly. Based upon our medical literature review, if we believe you received substandard medical care we consult with honest and knowledgeable experts in the field. To make sure we are understanding things correctly.

Then and only then do we make a recommendation if the suit should be filed. By being this careful we have found we can give good solid advice to our clients early on.

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If you are an attorney looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer for your client, please call us at 270-683-4513 or 800-467-3407 to discuss a referral arrangement.

Contact us today. You can rely on our experience and capacity to use every available professional and technical resource to help you seek the full compensation you may be entitled to after suffering a medical malpractice injury. We will do our best to keep you fully informed about how we use our experience, knowledge and history of medical malpractice success in the courts and at the settlement table.

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