Types of wall décor explained

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You can spruce up the interior of your home by adding pieced of wall art that match your personality. Wall decorations come in a variety of types, giving you the cancel to chose art that will make your home feel comfortable or a type of way you like. This is the easiest way to personalise your home.

Different wall décor types include.

Sculptures- they add some visual interest on the wall. Sculptures are 3 dimensional which makes them stand out on the wall and enhance your home

Photography – there is no better way to personalise your home with photography. Photos are simple and classy and an easy way to decorate your home fast.  You could choose your family photos, personal travel photos or printed images.

Decals – they have become a popular home décor over the years because they are very simple to blend into the home. you can use decals in any part of the home.

Signs- this is a modern form of wall décor for homes, but they may not be for everyone. They ft personal spaces like the bedroom, theatre, home library, and hallway. You can place anything from street signs, football team and more.

Panels – they are a popular feature when it comes to home décor. Almost everyone is using panels for their home today, especially in the bedroom. Hand a series of panels that connect or complete each other over your bed or on an empty wall in the living room to make it homey.

Posters- while posters have been around for a while, they are still a popular home décor choice. They are made from thin print paper and can be easily rolled up and stored when they are outside the frame. You can mount them back on the frame or hard backing before handing them on the wall.

Mirrors- to many people, mirrors may not be considered a form of art but they work well to decorate walls in any home. mirror decorations are made with decorative and unique frames to give them sort of an artistic appearance. Go for a mirror with a frame color that will match the theme and scheme in your home.

Tapestry- this is a Chinese inspired art, made from woven material and surrounded by wooden frames. Tapestries are a very beautiful piece of art for your living room wall.

Wood, metal and canvas

Wood has increasingly become a popular form of wall art. some people prefer the texture of the wood while others want the wood pieces to be completely covered over. Exposed wood gives a sense of warmness on a plain wall.

Metal wall art is large and gives off a statement on the wall. Most metal arts are painted over to avoid giving your home the raw, exposed and industrial feel. It is integrated with other wall decors to give it a better look.

Canvas – art produced on canvas has more quality and weight than art printed on any form of paper. You can easily have your photographs and paintings on canvas.